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Solar Thermal

Residential Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water is used in virtually all climates. Germany is one of the leaders in solar hot water use and it is at the same latitude as Alaska. Israel has 10 million users, and China has over 50 million users of solar hot water. Since so much of our energy bill is from producing hot water (as high as 30% or more) the capture of the suns thermal energy can give consumers quicker returns on their investment than photovoltaic panels. LCA Solar's evacuated twin-glass tube thermal solar collectors are among the most efficient, cost-effective and affordable solar collectors available on the market today for use in commercial and residential hot water heating systems.

LCA Solar's Solarpac Series collectors uses premium twin glass evacuated tubes as the receiver of the solar thermal energy.The selective coating on the inner tube is the absorber of the solar thermal energy heater. It absorbs solar thermal energy converting it into heat for use in water heating. Our collectors feature LCA Solar's absorber coatings, design and assembly processes that allow us to deliver industry leading performance and efficiency at a cost that is now competitive with flat-panel collector systems. LCA Solar's Solarpac collectors have been designed to be suitable for a wide range of system configurations including open loop, closed loop, drain back and even thermosyphon when coupled with a suitable tank. The vacuum within the evacuated tubes reduces conducted heat losses, allowing them to reach considerably higher temperatures than most types of flat-plate collectors. Because they can reach such high temperatures, they work well with peripherals. You can easily add, solar heat, solar dehumidfication and solar pool heat.