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Special Services


For floors that are more seriously damaged (deep scratches, warped boards, etc.) our floor refinishing service is right for you. We sand the floorboards down to the bare wood, stain them with the color of your choice, and seal and coat them with high-quality polyurethane. While this service is more expensive and time-consuming than resurfacing, it’s much more affordable than replacing the floor completely and a great way to protect your investment.


Our resurfacing service is the quicker and more cost-effective of the two options at only 99¢ per square foot. We remove the existing finish, which removes surface scratches, scuff marks, dull areas, and discoloration. Then we apply our polyurethane product engineered specifically for resurfacing. Our resurfacing service is dustless, odorless, and only takes a few hours. Enhance the color of your floors in less than a day with our premier service!